Deep Mountain Retreat Center is a spiritual and educational center open to all cultural, religious and spiritual traditions.

The center is located on 280 wooded acres in Northeast Iowa, near Elkader, between the Turkey and Volga Rivers. It was established in the mid-1970's.

The retreat center house is a simple but complete facility with kitchen, showers, bathrooms, sleeping and meeting space. Reservations are on a first-call basis and require advance notice. There is a nominal daily contribution.

DMRC facilities may be of interest to people pursuing personal journeys of many sorts, including: -writing, -meditation, -studying, -spiritual healing,- bird-watching, -hiking/exploration

On an individual level, people interested in the arts, writing, and meditation have used the facility for extended periods.

Groups as diverse as Tibetan Buddhists, the boyscouts, reiki practitioners, alcoholics anonymous, United Action for Youth, and the Iowa Women's Swim Team have found that the space suits their needs.

However, our most common guests are simply families looking to get away and enjoy each other's company in the simplicity of our beautiful rural setting.

DMRC is run by Communia Corporation, a non-profit, tax exempt, religious and educational organization. Communia Corporation and Deep Mountain Retreat Center are supported by tax-exempt contributions.