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Deep Mountain, 23719 Hazel Road, Elkport IA 52044. Please make reservations prior to your visit to Deep Mountian with the facility caretakers: Peter Kerns and Natasha Hegmann, This is also the contact information that should be provided to friends/relatives in case you need contacted for emergency reasons during a retreat.

What you should bring: food, bedding (sheets, blankets or sleeping bag, pillow), towels, toiletries, personal items, hiking boots

Costs: The basic rate is $15 per night per person for individuals and small groups. Larger groups and those wishing to stay for extended periods should inquire about special pricing.

Pets: Dogs may be allowed at the facility at the discretion of the caretaker; decisions are made on an individual basis, depending on the situation and the personality of the dog. Cats and other pets are not allowed.